Activities PDF Selfstart

Daily self start: 1. Print on card stock (besides the basic number ones). Laminate. Put in sheet protector. 2. Teachers demonstrate on how to go through every aspect before having students work on their own.  3. Students can read/ask each other when done. 

2nd grade + self start.

2nd grade + self start. 

Numbers 16-20. After 16-20 are taught. 
Numbers 10-14. After 10-14 are taught. 
Number 6-10. After 6-10 are taught. 
Numbers 1-5. After 1-5 are taught. 
Stage 4- students trace/write dates and a sentence. 
Stage 3- write their own characters
Stage 2- trace taught characters
Stage 1-fill in numbers. Practice strokes.

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  1. Marty, this is Ann. May I use those sheets? Thanks for being awesome!