Links to Online tools for teachers

Teachers, I hope you can try to use the following links.
Please let me know if the link has any issue.  Please share what you like to use. Also leave feedback when you can. Thanks.
Happy teaching!

Tech tools:
      For access Ms Chen's Bookcreator library, please send email for code. Free or paid version.

Miss Chen's Quizlet Free or paid version.

LingtLanguage  for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Paid.  for online or in person interactive game for reviewing and assessments. Free or paid version. To show stroke order for students to follow. Free. Create worksheet, games, puzzle, and more.  Paid to create.  Online interactive whiteboard. Free or paid version. Interactive teaching tool. Search online reading or upload reading assignments. Students can view all words' pinyin and meanings. Free or paid version. Many games to use. Free or paid version. Teacher training opportunities.  Free. Recording assignments. Free Turn classroom into a virtual classroom. 

Language links: 真实的学生日记 Paid for level reading materials. 

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