Sunday, October 20, 2013

Don't be afraid of changes

Don’t be afraid of changes

So the seating arrangement doesn’t work? Change it.  Use actions and simple words to let students understand what you want. Demonstrate it first; of course, and then show them what your intension is.  Physically help them move so they understand. Always say thank you when they listen. When students are not listening during whole group instruction time, change their carpet seating arrangement right away.


Take lining up as an example.  Give clear directions.  Count to three; a quiet line should form.  If it doesn’t happen the first time, ask the students to come back and do it again.  Keep doing it until a quiet line is formed.  There will be students who are obedient and know how to be quiet. Walk up to them and say “thank you for being quiet.” Ask the whole class to go back and form the line again. Pretty soon, the children will understand that you are expecting a quiet line and nothing else. They will start reminding each other so they don’t have to repeat this action too many times.

拿排队做例子。清楚说明要学生安静迅速的排队,数到3 然后看这队伍是否安静。不安静?回去再排一次,再一次,再一次,直到队伍安静为止。不用大声说话,只要轻声跟听话的学生道谢,然后要全部的学生继续努力排队。很快的,学生就会知道并提醒彼此安静排队,免得要再多跑几次。

Good learning habits need to be created and practiced so a teacher’s can be effective.  When fostering good habits, don’t worry about spending time on it because language will be reinforced and behavior will be molded.  Henceforth, teaching will happen.

好的学习习惯需要被造也需要持续练习,如此老师的教导才会有效果。养成好的 学习习惯时,不要在乎花费的时间因为语言也会被学习到,好习惯养成后,教书的工作才可以真正开始。

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