Saturday, January 30, 2021

A place where we can share and talk

 Dear all, if you are reading this, you know you are one of us. Please start introduce yourself in the comment box. Until we find another way to communicate, this will serve the purpose for now. 

Below is a yoga video clip from my old first grade classroom. Enjoy it. 


 给学生自己练习天气名称和对话用的幻灯片。大家有兴趣也可以使用。 天气这个话题,我上课的习惯是天天说,不会单独成一个单元。因为学生每天来说一点,随着天气变化,这些贴身话题才能深深刻印在脑海里然后被使用。 1. 可以点击这个 链接 播放。 2. 如果想要下载更改成自己的 链接在此 。